About Us

We are here to empower you to find the perfect job and discover exceptional talents.

MUFDA (Mortuwa University Fashion Designer Association) is a collaborative association comprising graduates and undergraduates from the Fashion Design and Product development, Textile and Apparel Engineering at University of Moratuwa, in Sri Lanka.

MUFDA Job Hub represents the progressive evolution of MUFDA. It functions as a centralized platform catering to all job needs in the global fashion and apparel design industry. Job seekers gain access to detailed job requirements, while organizations leverage the platform as a comprehensive database to identify potential candidates through headhunting. Furthermore, companies can effortlessly publish their job requirements, attracting the most suitable candidates tailored to their specific needs

Within our extensive database, organizations can access to a diverse pool of highly talented candidates, beyond fashion designing, we have carefully curated professionals with expertise in various areas, including technical expertise, merchandising, marketing, lecturing and more. This broad range of disciplines ensures that the diverse needs of the fashion industry are met.

We strive to ensure that our database is regularly updated and enriched with the latest talent in the industry, ensuring you have access to the best-suited candidates for your specific job requirements. We invite you to explore MUFDA Job Hub and discover how it can benefit your organization in finding the ideal candidates to meet your specific requirements or to discover the most suitable carrer opprotunity for you.

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